Our main focus centers on promoting social-emotional development.
We provide a nurturing environment where each child can comfortably develop the social-emotional skills, problem-solving abilities, and healthy decision-making. The teachers utilize stories and activities to assist the children in identifying, addressing and expressing their feelings and emotions.
As the children develop these skills, they are better able to:
  • manage their feelings
  • get along with others
  • use self-control
  • accept differences
  • resolve conflict peacefully
The Montana Preschool is inspired by theĀ Reggio-Emilia preschool philosophy. We believe that children are explorers, who try to understand the world by making their own theories to explain how it functions. Therefore we provide sufficient time for children to explore, learn, express and revisit a given project. Out teachers are researchers, learners and data gatherers. They will carefully observe, listen and document the children’s work and growth. Teachers will also co-construct, stimulate thinking and provoke children’s collaboration with their peers.
We believe in balance and therefore teach academics as well through songs, projects, games and fun activities. Kids learn the Alpha-bet, Colors, Shapes and Numbers. We will mention and repeat, but will not ask a child a question, where they will have to provide an answer.
At age 4, we prepare the kids to kindergarten, and that age group focuses on building the capacity to listen and follow directions, and therefore learn.