reggio emilia preschool       

Professional teachers come to the school and teach kids their craft.  This is a fun way for kids to try different activities in a safe and known environment and doesn’t require parents to drive anywhere. These classes are included in the curriculum for all kids who have either a 3pm or 5pm dismissal.  
At the End of the Year Party, the kids will perform for the parents and families 🙂
  • Monday at 3pm Ceramics
  • Tuesday at 3pm Theater
  • Wednesday at 11am Soccer
  • Wednesday at 3pm Ballet
  • Thursday at 3pm Hip Hop
  • Friday at 3pm Gymnastics
Cost: $240 a month. Added to monthly tuition for all kids with 3pm or 5pm dismissal
Class breakdown: $40 a month per class (if 4 weeks per month)
Note:  3pm Dismissal will be at 3:30pm to account for the Enrichment class
Optional classes: 
  1. Piano Private 15 minutes Friday 10am
  2. Violin Private 15 minutes Wednesday 2:30pm-3:30pm
Cost: $40 a month (if 4 weeks per month)