Our Staff

Our Staff

Sigal Redfield

Program Director

I started the Montana Preschool in 2006. I am an Electronic Technician and a Technical Writer, worked in Hi-Tech companies. I’m also an Industrial designer, 3D CAD designer, a Computer Savvy and a Singer too 🙂

When I had my son (born in 2004) I had to decide whether or not to go back to work in hi-tech. At the same time, I was learning about child development, to acquire parenting skills. I decided to start a preschool! My skills as a technical writer helped me to form routines and documentation for the preschool, the teachers, the children and the parents.

Working with Connections for Children and Family Services of Santa Monica has added a new dimension to my experience working with young children and their families. I am grateful to them. I am happy to be able to help my clients to work through their parenting process and assist in many ways.

Through the California Director Mentor Program, I was mentored by Pauline McPeake, the oversight director at The Growing Place preschool in Santa Monica. After visiting The Growing Place, I was inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy so much, that I started to implement ideas from this philosophy at the Montana Preschool. 

I believe that our children tell us everything, we just need to listen.

jeanetteJeanette Viramontes

Preschool Teacher

We are children for a short period of our lives but adults for a period of our life time. That’s why I think that every child’s learning experience is precious and should be treated with delicacy.

I utilized cooperative learning techniques and provided individual instructions to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles. I intend to implement a positive plan which promotes student responsibility, problem solving skills, and student accountability. I have five years experience working with children from ages two through five years of age. I have great knowledge and experience of working with children with special needs. I’m still enrolled at child development program as a student, and my goal is to extend children’s learning in a fun and memorable way.

Leidy LopezLeidy Lopez

Toddlers Teacher

Children are full of curiosity and theories, this is where I come in to facilitate their needs.  I have been teaching at preschool Level ages two through six years of age. I’ve been a Lead Teacher for nine years, seven of those years were at my last job.  My goal is to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and a positive role model.

I have an 12 units in Early Child Development.  I have gone to workshops and took a class on Reggio Emilia approach at the UCLA Extension.  I intend to use it’s principles in the class and in the curriculum.

Malca Marom

Class Assistant

I can still remember the first day I began to work at Montana Preschool! Songs were played in the background and games were taken place in the yard (I especially remember the Hide and Seek), all that made me feel truly happy surrounded by the children.

I love the experiences I share with those little friends, everyday there is something new and fun! Moments like those are what make me be most thankful for.

Being a mom and a grandmother, I know children are the most innocent and adorable people you will ever find! You can never know what a child will become in the future, but knowing that somewhere I contributed to that child’s success makes me happy!