Line Painting

Today the children did line painting today. They drew a unique flower with a pencil. They mixed white paint with water and tried to see the lines through the dark paper while tracing with the white paint. Melanie:I made a Eight flower! Sophie: I made a Indian flower Lukas: I made a special flower for …

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Imagination paper

Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience in the learning process. Yesterday we used our imaginations through paper. The children created their own stories, build forts, and also did problem solving. We were fascinated of the stories and characters they came up with. The children also found out …

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Art tape

The children enjoyed making this three day activity (Art Tape). They first created a pattern using tape and scissors while practicing their fine-motor skills. After they created their patterns they mixed a variety of colors to create their own inspired by the colors they had seen on a beetle. Once the paint was dry they …

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Shapes and Rocks

We had fun doing an activity called shapes and rocks. The children practice listening skills, fine-motor, and shape recognition. Instead of tracing the shapes using pencils we used colorful rocks.

Popsicle sticks!

We prepared some yummy snacks for tomorrows Luau Party!! The children made yummy watermelon Popsicle sticks with a little flavor of citrus (orange). They had so much much making the Popsicle sticks step by step. They cant wait for tomorrow to try out the yummy popsicle sticks

Hawaiian Lei

The children are very excited for this week. We are getting ready to have our Luau party this Thursday! we started to get ready today by making our Hawaiian Lei. While making the lei, the children practice the concept of communication and the concept of patterns.

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