The colorful spaghetti was ready for science class. The children couldn’t wait to see, taste, and feel the spaghetti. They were amazed how bright the colors were and how great it smelled that they decided to taste it. Other children loved the feeling of the spaghetti. The children then grabbed handfuls of spaghetti and threw it on the air hoping they would catch it, but instead landed on their friends head. The children couldn’t stop laughing of what had happened but now the teachers were not prepare of what was going to happened next. The children all ran to the bin of the colorful spaghetti, grabbed handfuls and started throwing yummy colorful spaghetti to their friends and teachers. The children were screaming Spaghetti fight! The teachers did not expect that the spaghetti looked so good on their hair as well!

What a fun science class this turned out to be ! 🙂