preschool in Santa Monica

Making Snowflakes

The children are beyond excited about the Holidays. The children want to make sure that their classroom is completely decorated so they decided to make snow flakes. The children g;lued popsicle sticks one on top the other creating a star like shape. One It wqas dry they mixed different colors of blue with white. They …

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Word of the Week Gentle

Yesterday the children were asked what did gentle mean to them and this was their respond “Being Careful” -Ariana “Being nice to our Friends”- Ariana “Not hitting and not eating people”- Emma “When you are afraid of a dog, touching the shoulder is gentle”- Melanie “Being Cared”- Ethan “Buying food”- Ariana “Being Brave”- Melanie “Gentle …

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Word of the week Frienship

The children are working on a new word of the week”Friendship”. The teachers asked the children what friendship meant to them: ” Our Mommy and Daddy and family is my friend” -Mia “Being to one another”-Sophie ” My Nana and Papa are my friends”- Ariana “Happiness”-Elsa “Friends are like presents for Christmas”-Sophie “Friends listen and …

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Helping hands

Last week was a special day at the Montana Pre-School. The children have been working so hard in their performance to make their families proud. They also made tons of fun Thanksgiving activities. The children most importantly Practice the term “Thankful”. The children had many things to be thankful for. Family and friends but the …

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Colorful Corn

The children drew and painted a corn yesterday. The children first observe the corn and the patterns on the corn. The children first drew the shape of the corn. The children then said that the corn had squares inside, so they drew squares on their corn. While other children said that their corn had puffy …

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Election Day

The children came to morning meeting mentioning the election. It was great to see how the children were so engage in this conversation. The children were able to express themselves and give their opinion to why they choose their candidate. After their debates they sat down and very quietly wrote their candidates name. Things were …

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Halloween Party

The children have been waiting all year for this holiday and it was great to see them dress in their Halloween costume. It was fun to see how each child got into their character and were able to express themselves in a fun way. The children painted their pumpkins and created their spooky monsters. The …

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Color Explosions

The children took a picture with a silly face and then printed the picture. They all choose there unique face expressions and observed all of their friends pictures. The children then added drops of water colors on their heads and blew the colors with a straw. They had so much fun watching the colors travel. …

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Lets make playdough

The children love to do playdough. The children enjoy seeing how the ingredients mix, and how it liquid can turn into a solid texture just by adding different ingredients. They can spend the entire day doing this activity and they are learning in a fun way with their friends.

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