Color Explosions

The children took a picture with a silly face and then printed the picture. They all choose there unique face expressions and observed all of their friends pictures. The children then added drops of water colors on their heads and blew the colors with a straw. They had so much fun watching the colors travel. …

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Lets make playdough

The children love to do playdough. The children enjoy seeing how the ingredients mix, and how it liquid can turn into a solid texture just by adding different ingredients. They can spend the entire day doing this activity and they are learning in a fun way with their friends.

Jala Bread

The children had a great time making the Jala bread. They learned how to make the bread by following the instructions and they also practice their sense of smell, touch, and the most important taste.

Thursday Car-Wash

The children had so much fun doing a car wash. They pretended theyhad a professional car was and would invite customers over who passed by with their dirty cars. Some custome asked for a job their and ended up working at the car wash. They worked together as a team in a fun way!


DSCN5618hien While the children were playing outside the children find a bright green leaf with moving legs. The children got closer and find out that it wasn’t any Leaf but their friend Mr.Green. The children then see that Mr. Green took off his old skin because he was too hot outside; the reason why they …

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Feeding our Bunnies

The children have been taking really good care of our bunnies, Rome and Juliet. They go every day to visit them and make sure that they have enough water and food for the day.

Our Kitty Family

The children had an amasing time yestaurday pretending to be a kitty family. We did face painting and the children really got into a cats character. They pretended to be a big kitten family who had to protect each other from the wild life. They learn to find food, create their homes, and most importantly …

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Who wants Lemonade?

The children had a lemonade stand just last week. They were excited about their stand because they painted their stand and signs and lets not mention about their hard work squeezing fresh lemons. The children also made strawberry ice cubes to keep the lemonade fresh. The children were excited to see customers stop by for …

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Popsicle Bracelet?

The children made popsicle bracelets. They first put their popsicles inside a pan with water. They mixed the popsicles for 15 to 20 minutes. They were really hot so they needed teachers assistance to bend their popsicle sticks in a cup. The children took out their popsicle bracelets the next day and they were amazed …

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