07 Dec

Making Snowflakes



The children are beyond excited about the Holidays. The children want to make sure that their classroom is completely decorated so they decided to make snow flakes. The children g;lued popsicle sticks one on top the other creating a star like shape. One It wqas dry they mixed different colors of blue with white. They had so much fun creating their own color blue, And ofcourse the children added some sparkly glitter to finish it off. What a fun activity!

06 Dec

Word of the Week Gentle

Yesterday the children were asked what did gentle mean to them and this was their respond
“Being Careful” -Ariana
“Being nice to our Friends”- Ariana
“Not hitting and not eating people”- Emma
“When you are afraid of a dog, touching the shoulder is gentle”- Melanie
“Being Cared”- Ethan
“Buying food”- Ariana
“Being Brave”- Melanie
“Gentle means not falling”- Beck
“Not to rip books”- Anouk

01 Dec

Word of the week Frienship





The children are working on a new word of the week”Friendship”. The teachers asked the children what friendship meant to them:
” Our Mommy and Daddy and family is my friend” -Mia
“Being to one another”-Sophie
” My Nana and Papa are my friends”- Ariana
“Friends are like presents for Christmas”-Sophie
“Friends listen and they drive to Mars and drive race cars” -Alistair
“Friends don’t bite friends just food”-Alistair
“Giving Hugs”-Melanie
The children practice using the word of the week during outside play by helping one another learn how to do cart-wheels and somersaults!