24 Feb

“Making crystals”



The children have been working on minning for crystals. We decided to make some crystals today. You can asked them what ingredients we used. They might be able to answer you, just in case they are not able to the ingredients are epson salt and water. They got a chance to explore the different textures of the crystals, the crystals we made are soft and the the ones we have been minning are hard.

20 Feb

“Carrots Expirement”


These are the older children thoughts of the carrots expirement. We alaso made a calendar to keep track of the carrots.

Ivy: “The carrot is going to grow because the carrot is so small, so we can eat it.”
Arianna: “The stem in the garden so I got it from home.”
Abigail: “The bottom of the carrot is going to grow because we have to wait and it will grow very giant.”
Savannah: “I think the two parts of the carrot are going to grow because I have seen the carrots do that.”
Gracie: “I think the carrot and the stem is going to grow because we put water on the bottom.”

18 Feb

“Carrot Expirement”


Our science expirement today is “How to grow a carrot top.” We gave the children some carrots to cut with butter knifes, they cut the stem, the top of the carrot, put some cotton balls on the bottom of a tray and then added some water. This is what they think is going to happen.

Jack: “Mine is going to grow, grow, grow bigger with spider webs.”
Oscar: “The carrot is going to grow so big and going to fall just like a tree.”
Oliver: “Only the stem is going to grow because look at the vegetable garden.”
Ivy Star: “The carrot is going to grow, very big in five minutes.”

12 Feb

“What we found while Minning”



The minning rock that we have is pretty hard, it takes alot of strenght and time to brake it. The first group that worked on it saw the crystal but wasen’t able to brake it off. The secound group was determined to brake the rock until the crystal came off.

Abigail: “Is going to be an orange crystal.”
Gracie: “I think a blue one, going to come out.”
Ivy: “It’s going to be a pink one.”
Elsa: “How long is it going to take to brake the rock?”
Ivy: “It’s going to take 12 days.”
Gracie: “Maybe one hundered.”

At the end Gracie was able to get a crystal out.

11 Feb




Today we were mining, the children are wondering what is going to come out?
Ivy Star: “Its going to be a water rock.”
Oscar: “A dead dinosour.”

This might take us a few days….

05 Feb

“Balls in water?”



What is going to happen when we put the balls in the water?

Sophie: "It's going to turn colors."
Jack: "It's going to get bigger."
Oliver: "It would get wet."
Lukas: "It's going to get bigger."
Noa: "It's goin to get bigger."

What's happening to the balls?

Gracie: "It's informating, they are getting fluffy, furry and bigger."
Oscar: "It's getting bigger and bigger."
Abigail: "The water is making it bigger and bigger."
Savannah: "I think it's making bubbles. I think because it's doing something to the water."
Noa: "It was green and yellow and it pops."
Oscar: "Teacher, do you think if the ball pops it would get bigger.?"
Melanie: "A pop…'
Oscar: "It's going to glow just like the night, just like the stars."
Gracie: "They are hard to grab. They get bigger the same day."

04 Feb

“Ice Expirement”




Our expirement for today was ice, water and rock salt. These are the children thoughts.

Oscar: “It’s going to be hot lava.”
Graice: “But wasen’t hot, it’s going to turn into water again.”
Abigail: “It’s going to turn into snow.”
Ivy Star: “What is it?”
Oliver: “I know, this is melted rock and it’s hard to brake.”
Jack: It’s cold
Ivy Star: The salt is going to slide off.
Oliver: It’s going to melt.
Jack: It’s going to explode.

03 Feb

“Hot Lava?”





We had a science expirement today, with baking soda and vinegar. These are the children theories and observation.

Abigail: It’s snow because it has sparkles.
Gracie: It’s not powder , it’s going to explode.
Oscar: It’s turning into hot lava.
Ivy: It has bubbles.
Gracie: Don’t touch it, it’s hot.
Abigail: Yes, you can touch it, it’s not hot.
Savannah: I think it’s going to turn into an egg.
Oliver: It feels like rocks.
Lucas: I see shinny stuff.
Jack: There’s a star in their.
Elsa: What’s going to happen when we add the vinegar?
Jack: It’s going to get bigger.
Lucas: It’s getting bigger with the bubbles.
Oliver: It’s not going to be lava because lava is hot and it would burn us.