28 Jan

“Letting our bug free”




When Oscar opened the bug cage, the bug flew away. The children stared at each other and said “Oh… no… it flew away.”

Gracie: “Maybe we can find another bug with no wings.”
Elsa: Where did it go?”
Oscar: “It went to, way to the sky. How are we going to catch him? Hum…. Maybe on an airplane.”
Gracie: “I know, it went to the top of that house.”
Ivy: “It flew to that tree.”
Jack: “I don’t know, I can’t see it.”
Ivy Star: “It fell out”

27 Jan

“Bug House”


Oscar came up to me today and asked if he can make a house for the bug we found yesterday.
Elsa: “How can we make the house?”
Ocar: “with paper”
We decided to make it into a sign-up area.

23 Jan



Today Oscar found a visitor at our school, a bug. We don’t know what kind of bug it is yet. Hopefully we can find out soon. They want to make a house for it next week. They are aking alot of questions, what does it eat?, does it have a home?, how many legs does it have?, can it fly?

21 Jan

“Science Experiment”




The children love to play with water, so I decided to provoke them a little more. I added some cornstarch on one side of the water table and green water on the other. Some of the concepts children learn through water play would be physics (flow,motion), chemistry (solution,cohesion) and math (measurements, volume). Eveyone was very quite just exploring, nothing was being said. I encouraged them to observe and predict what was going to happen when they mixed the water with the cornstarch.

Abigail said “It’s turning green…”