17 Dec

Hanukkah Decorations


As we were decorating the classroom with Hanukkah decorations, the doorbell rang and the children thought that Hanukkah had arrived. They said “Hanukkah is here.” So we had a meeting about Hanukkah, they figured out that it’s a celebration. Oscar said “it’s just like Halloween.”

12 Dec

“Saying Good-bye to a friend”

IMG_3608 IMG_3606


Today was Mackie’s last day of school, he would be going to a different school. Mackie wanted us to make cookies, we also read one of his favorite books. Some of the children asked him why he was going to a different school and he said “I’m going to Henry’s school.” We are going to miss him, Good-bye Mackie.

10 Dec

Dramatic Play

IMG_3590 IMG_3593

IMG_3594 IMG_3596

IMG_3598 IMG_3599


The Children were pretending to be adults today. Oliver and Mackie were humming a song while, bathing the baby. Oliver and Joshua also wanted to have a picnic.

05 Dec

“Puppet Show”

Puppetry is important play because it forces the children to use their imagination, be creative and it’s open-ended (no right or wrong way). It develops language, lisening skills and confidence, to express feelings and helps shy children be more confident.

Sophie, was signing winnie the pooh. “He’s a really nice bear.”
Abigail: “Camptain America.”
Oscar: “How do you do?” “The lions name is thing one, I have a costume.” “My friends name is fin.”
Jack: “Fish, gulp, gulp and I go ocean.” “Lokking for a shark.”
Ivy: “I was saying a lion catched me, he went to the sea really fast.”
Arianna: “Hello my nmae is the frog.” “Today we are having a celebrate a puppet show for a long time, now we need a frog lady’s and gentlemen.” “We jump on the ground.” “Abra..Cadraba…” “Wait fellows getting my other puppet and hello my name is frog fish.”
Noa:”I don’t know and I didn’t do it again.”
Olliwer: “I like you… I like you …”

IMG_3572 IMG_3571


02 Dec



Building provides exploration with different materials. Some children are drawn into the exploration others are more recluctant. Children might grasp the idea quickly to build their towers and other children might take them time. We are here to give them the time they need, as you can see in the pictures above.




The children have been taking about towers. We put some wooden pieces out for them to start making their own tower. The children have been working on problem solving because some of the pieces kept falling down (the glue was wet). We will keep on working on the towers and see where it takes us.