16 Aug

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Time!

The Children wait all year long for summer to arrive to jump in the pool. Teacher Sandra, the swimming teacher gets them ready for their swimming lessons. Each child is able to go with a friend to their lesson. They learn many things while having fun in the water. The children learn to hold their breath under water, blow bubbles under water, kick their feet under water, float on their backs and end the class with a fun game. The children get really excited when their sunscreen has been applied because they know that they will be next for their swimming lesson, and sometimes like to apply their own sunscreen so they called be called sooner. Its amazing to see the progress each child makes by the end of their class.

03 Oct

Letter C

The children are practicing on the letter C this week . They are learning to master the lower and upper case C. The are also learning the sound of the letter. I asked the children what words begin with the letter C
Mia: ” C is for cat”
Jacob: ” C is for Cape”
Ariana: ” C id for crown”
Kira: ” C is for caterpillar”
Michelle: ” C is for Crown”

13 Aug

04 Nov

Hello November





The children had so much fun in October but we had to say goodbye and welcome the month of November!
The children have already planning the fun activities we will be doing for this month. The children decided on drawing a turkey by using their hand as a stencil. They traced their hand using pastel colors. They drew their turkey on sand paper and they all describe the feelings once they place their hand on the sand paper. The children also describe the differences of the pastel colors on sand paper and construction paper.

19 Apr

Nature Walk






The children had a great time at the nature walk. The children were excited to find different treasures during their walk. They learned to appreciate their surroundings like the trees, flowers, to the tiniest rocks they have ever seen.The children can not wait for their next nature walk

08 Apr

Oil painting





The children enjoyed doing oil painting. The children first painted their construction paper with water colors.The children added drops of oil to their designs and they watched as the oil separated the colors. They cant wait to see their paintings dry !

23 Mar

Funny Bunny






The children have been so busy this month making fun arts and crafts from different holidays. They have been so excited celebrating St. Patrick’s day and our special friend Lukas birthday. They cant wait to celebrate Purim and Easter is just around the corner! The children drew their big ear bunnies today. They shared laughs when they all shared their funny bunny.

09 Mar

Our Friend Crocky







The children were excited to put Crocky’s legs and arms on him. The children used a hot glue gun and they were very careful and were great in following direction step by step. The children then noticed that Crocky was missing his eyes nose and mouth. So they glued on his eyes and drew his mouth and nose. The children love Crocky! This was a fun activity