03 Oct

Letter C

The children are practicing on the letter C this week . They are learning to master the lower and upper case C. The are also learning the sound of the letter. I asked the children what words begin with the letter C
Mia: ” C is for cat”
Jacob: ” C is for Cape”
Ariana: ” C id for crown”
Kira: ” C is for caterpillar”
Michelle: ” C is for Crown”

20 Sep


The new school year has started and we have been making academics fun to learn. The children have not been this excited to learn academics. We have been challenging them and the results have been a success. The have already mastered the how to write,sound ,and find words that begin with the letter A and B.

29 Aug

Back to School

Our Friends are preparing for back to school with yummy colorful apples that represent sweetness and innocence. Our friends traced an apple stencil and painted their apples the color they desired. They talked about how some of their apples were sweet and others were bitter but both tasty and healthy for our bodies.

30 Mar

What a Sculpter







The cghildren created their own sculpture and gave their sculpture a name.
Mia: “One leg Sculpture”
Ariana: “The walking Scultpure”
Andrew: “The playing Sculpture”
Stevie: ” Surfing by the U.S.A Sculpture”
Melanie: “Roller skating to the park”
Beck: “The sitting down sculpture”
Sophie: “Ballet Sculpture”
Emma: “Gymnastic Sculpture”
Olive: “Surfing in the U.S.A”

28 Mar

Painting Our Sculpture




The sculptures were dry and they were ready for some color. There was a variety of colors on the table and the children were able create their own unique colors as well. The children were very concentrated while painting their sculpture. They were holding their sculptures with much delicacy. They were so proud of their art work,they cant wait to show their families and friends !

23 Mar

Foil Sculptures






Yesterday we asked the children what was the meaning of Art?
Mia: “Art means Centers”
Ariana: “Art means Brushes”
Melanie: “It means using our hands”
Beck: “Art means making projects”
Sophie: “Art means different colors”
The children learned that art can come in many different ways including toys and sculptures the children mentioned. The children then made their own meaning of art by making a sculpture out of foil paper.

16 Feb

Fancy Valentines Day Tea Party





Everyone was looking “Posh” a fancy word the children learn that means fancy. The children learned a some fancy words and practice them everyday for our fancy tea Part. They learned how to curtsy and say Merci”. All of our friends were really excited about the party. They choose a book to be read to them “Fancy Nancy”. The children couldn’t wait to drink their tea with their pinkies up. After eating their yummy chocolate dipped strawberries the children took pictures with Fancy accessories in the hugging booth. Love was then shared when passing each other their wonderful Valentines Day Cards!

19 Jan

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting





The children learned a new technique for painting and used new tools to paint using their feet wrapped in bubble wrap. The children made it into a game of who can take off their shoes the fatsest and wrap their feet in bubble. The fun part of this activity was that there was no instructions to go with this activity and the children were able to express themselves in a fun way. The children loved hearing the bubble wrap pop while leaving a circles all around the paper!