Montana Preschool

Santa Monica Family Learning Center

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Toddlers Class:          2 years – 3 years.

Preschool Class:        3 years – 4 years.



  • Sigal Redfield - Program Director


  • Elana (3 - 4 years old class) - Preschool teacher has M.A. in school counseling, and B.A. in Human Development.  Worked with school age and young children.

  • Jessica (2 - 3 years old class) – Preschool teacher has B.A in ECE  (Early Childhood education). Has experience working with young children.

  • Rocio– A teacher’s aid, has 9 years experience working with young children.


All of the staff is trained CPR, First aid and Health & Safety.


Preschool operating hours:

Monday - Friday:   8am-1pm, 8am-3pm, 8am-5pm.

Drop-off and pick-up times are flexible.

We recommend that children will be at school for morning circle time.

We have an open door policy, and parents can come to the school at any time.



  • Music class- Outside teacher.

  • Soccer class- Outside teacher.

  • Animals class- Outside teacher.

  • Gymnastics class- Outside teacher.

  • Yoga class- Outside teacher.

  • Field Trips to the aquarium, fire station, a bakery, picking fruit, etc. 

  • Listening center – books and academics activities.

  • Puppet Shows.                       

  • Science Center.

  • Pretend Play Center.

  • Story telling.

  • Dance class– introduction to new dance rhythms and free-form dancing.

  • Arts and crafts.

  • Outdoor play - attention on applying sun block and keeping children in the shade.

  • Summer activities water play and pool days, foam and bubbles days, bounce house and lots of fun.

  • Reading center.

  • Circle time – children talk, listen and learn with focus on social-emotional skills.

In Addition

  • Parents - Teacher conference with Program Director, Teacher and the child development specialist. Twice a year: October – goals set up. January – follow up. Student progress report, and developmental discussion.

  • Weekly news and Photos – sent to parents by e-mail every week.

  • Parents Night Out – Every 3rd Saturday each month, 6pm-11pm parents can drop off children and their siblings at school, with pajamas. The children will get dinner, play and watch movies. Parents can go out and have fun.

  • Birthdays at school- children celebrate with cupcakes, balloons, or any other activity and teachers will make the party celebration at school. Photos will be sent via email.

201 21st. Pl. Santa Monica, CA90402.       Tel. (310) 663-2169      email: