31 Mar



We made play-dough from scratch today. We felt all the different textures of the ingridients before making it. When your children get home you can ask them what ingredients we used?

26 Mar

“Anaconda snakes”




At the science museum we saw an “Anaconda Snake.” So we decided to learn about anaconda’s, where they come from, where they live, what they eat and how long they are. The children are able to answer these questions.

23 Mar

“Egg Expirement”‘



Today’s expirement was with raw eggs. We had two eggs, we put one egg in water and the other egg in vinegar. Sophie noticed that the egg in vinegar was bubbling. Oscar said “only the one with vinegar is bubbling. Lukas said “the water one is not bubbling your right Oscar.” Now we have to wait three days before we find out what happens with the eggs.

12 Mar

LadyBug Investigation



The younger children wanted to know how many legs the ladybugs have. They drew the ladybugs on paper and they talked about what they might eat. Jack said “they eat plants”, Oliver said “they eat leave bugs” and Sophie said “flowers”. The older children were interested on how it grows. We read about the Life Cycle of a LadyBug and then they drew it. A question you can ask your children, “How do LadyBugs smell?”