21 Nov

“Theories on our beans”

IMG_3355     IMG_3354

When children are trying to understand the world and how things work they come up with their own theories.  Here some theories the children came up with, about our beans.

Oscar: “It’s going big….   Be flower.”

Nova: “This one is broken.” (She is referring to the bean, that sprouted.)

Olliwer:  “It’s foing to grow now.”

Abigail: “It’s not growing yet, no water.”

Nova:  “It need water, but this one has no water.”

Noa:  “It’s going to grow big.”

Mackie: “It has flowers, green and white.”

Joshua: ” What is it?”

Savannah: “It’s a plant, Joshua.”

Jack: “That is happy and that is sad.”  (The sad one,  hasen’t sprouted and the happy one sprouted.)






18 Nov

“Planting and growing beans”

We are exploring how beans grow.  The children got a container, cotton pad, a bean and some water to pour in the  container.  They wanted to add more beans, so we had to remind them that the beans need space to grow.  We had to wait a few days before they noticed they were growing.  As the children watch them grow, they noticed that some of the beans are sprouting and some are not.  They took  a closer look with magnifying glasses.  We asked them to draw the beans, this is a medium we use so that they can really look closely of what is happening with the beans.  This gives us the opportunity to explore, why some didn’t grow.  Great science discussion.

17 Nov



We have been learning about the history of Thanksgiving.   We are preapring a show for our Thanksgiving feast, at school.  The show is about the arrival at Plymoth Rock, Pilgrims and Native Americans that lived on the land.

13 Nov

“Look what I found”

Oliver noticed a seed in the pinecone. The next day, I brought it in, to the meeting and asked the kids if they knew what is was.

This is what they said:

Ivy: “A bean.”
Oliver: “It’s like a peanut.”
Jack: “Bug, I holded it to my home.”
Joshua: “Bug”

Jack was so excited when joshua said “bug” he answered
“Yes”, “Yes, a bug!”

This is just the begining of our investigation…

12 Nov


Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to announce a new area at the school, the Art Srudio!
we have there a table and 2 benches, more additional items will be added, please feel free to check our new Atelier…

You probably all noticed that we also have a new wide gate at the fron with keypad for added security and sefety.

And the sandbox is now covered, and it’s canopy is wider, to prevent leaves and tree fruits into the sand.

Allways at your service,

Sigal Redfield.
Program Director.

03 Nov

Hot Air Balloons

That was a really fun and funny project…

It all started when Noa brought to the class a mobile of hot air balloons. Everyone wanted to touch it and asked many questions. I asked the kids if they want to learn about hot air balloons, and it was a 100% a YES!

We watched short films about hot air balloons, learned about how hot air balloons operate and function, and about the annual hot air balloon festivals (coming in May 2015 in Temacula Valley).

We also learned a song about hot air balloon, and then we decided to create our own hot air balloon.

Enjoy the pictures.

Sigal Redfield.

IMG_0226 IMG_0336 IMG_0337